It's been a while!

Hi Everyone!

It's been a while since our last post. Can you believe it's been nine months; so, here's a quick run down on what we've been doing. First off, we've started working in the renovated side of our office! We are still doing some touch-ups here and there, but you should come and visit. Check out our new front desk. Look at our big screen T.V. We are planning a grand opening of the fully renovated side of the office, so keep in tune for that. It looks like it should be some time in December.

Have you met our new dentist? Her name is Dr. Arden Young and is a tooth whisperer. She loves doing root canals and is an elite trail runner. If you or anyone you know needs a needs a new dentist or want a separate set of eyes in your mouth, book an appointment with Dr. Young!

For all of you wondering about Dr. Mike Parchewsky, he's been pretty eventful as well, but we'll stick to the recent activities he's done. Mike was just recently in Las Vegas for a course on implant surgery. With his newly expanded knowledge Dr. Parchewsky is putting his patients oral health at the top of his priority. Ask him how the conference in Vegas went, and you may be able to hear a sneak peak at where his next conference is. Hint, it's in Europe and by special invitation only.

What a catch up. A lot was covered, but don't worry! We are going to try our best to keep you updated -- even when we get extremely busy.

Well, that's everything for now!

Until next time,

Terra Dental Care