Happy Halloween

Hi Everyone,

Hopefully you have you halloween costumes picked out and ready to go trick or treating for lots of candy! Remember to floss and brush your teeth properly in order to prevent cavities! Last thing we want is your Halloween fun hurting your teeth.

We've been doing quite good here at Terra! Lots has been going on. Are any of you in the running community and attend Where Dreams Go To Die on October 21? If so, you might have seen Dr. Arden Young and gotten a free toothbrush and other dental goodies! You should definitely come in and say high! Something you could ask Dr. Arden Young about is the Intermediate Invisalign course she is going to. If you want straighter teeth, she's the girl you got to talk to!

As for Dr. Mike Parchewsky, did any of you find out where he is going on November 10th? He's going to Germany for a conference on Dental X-rays and how it can better be utilized in a dental clinics for Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorder -- better known as TMJ. Unfortunately, that does mean that he wont be here November 10th - 19th. What souvenirs should he get for his staff? Hopefully, he gets all of us some lederhosen. Give Dr. Mike Parchewsky some souvenir ideas for the staff if you get to see him before he leaves!

If you have any dental issues, you know who to call! (and no it's not the ghost buster)

Until next time!

Terra Dental Care