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TMD/TMJ Devices in Downtown Calgary

Dental Services in Downtown Calgary
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TMD/TMJ Devices in Downtown Calgary

TMD/TMJ Devices Near You

One of the most vital and often overlooked parts of maintaining excellent oral health and overall well-being is the proper alignment and function of your jaw joints. When these joints are misaligned, it causes a condition called TMD or TMJ disorder, which causes unpleasant symptoms such as neck pain, headaches, earaches, vertigo, and more. Our team at Terra Dental Care is happy to offer TMD/TMJ devices in downtown Calgary to help our patients find relief from these painful symptoms.

What is the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)?

Your temporomandibular joint connects your lower jaw to your skull. It is also connected to many of the nerves and muscles in your face. Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) occurs when this jaw joint becomes misaligned, causing chronic, severe pain. Since TMD can cause pain in many areas of the body, it can be challenging to diagnose. The easiest way to identify if you need treatment for TMD is to visit Terra Dental Care for an examination of your mouth, neck, teeth, and jaw.

tmd tmj devices in downtown calgary
tmd tmj devices near you

What Are the Symptoms of TMD?

If you have experienced any of the following symptoms, you may need to get evaluated for TMD in downtown Calgary:
  • Headache: along with migraines and dizziness
  • Ear problems: such as difficulty hearing, pain, a feeling of fullness in the ear, and ringing in the ears
  • Jaw pain: lockjaw, aching in the jaw, stiffness, and popping or clicking sounds when chewing or speaking
  • Body pain: aching in your back, shoulders, and neck
  • Facial pain: including aching and muscle fatigue
Many of these symptoms can also be associated with other health conditions. It’s important to determine whether TMD is the source of your discomfort before seeking treatment. 

How is TMD Treated?

At Terra Dental Care, we focus on using TMD/TMJ devices near you to relieve your jaw muscles and ease painful symptoms. When you visit our dental clinic, our dentist will discuss various treatment options depending on the cause of your TMD. Some of these options are:
  • Orthodontics: if you have a misaligned bite creating pressure on your jaw joints, then our dentist may recommend braces or Invisalign to correct your bite and realign your teeth.
  • TMJ/TMD splint: these are custom-made devices that are worn to prevent clenching and grinding at night. Some splints help reposition your bite by pushing your lower jaw forward.
  • At-home treatment: if you have a milder form of TMD, our dentist will provide you with a list of at-home remedies to help alleviate your discomfort, such as evenly chewing your food and practicing good posture.

Interested in TMJ/TMD Devices in Downtown Calgary?

At Terra Dental Care, we are happy to provide our patients with TMJ/TMD devices in downtown Calgary to treat and alleviate symptoms caused by TMD. We know how frustrating this condition can be, and we want to help. Please contact us to schedule a consultation today!