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dr amy yoo

Dr. Amy Yoo, DMD – Dentist

Dentistry was engraved in Dr. Yoo’s genes ever since I was born. Her Father was a dentist and she spent most of her childhood in his practice watching him treating patients and asking millions of annoying questions. She always thought everything at the dental office was so fascinating. Dr. Yoo remembers telling her parents she would be a dentist when she grew up and she thinks they only half believed me.

Dr. Yoo graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2004. Soon after graduating, she invested lots of time focusing on cosmetic dentistry and full mouth rehabilitation. She found it was so rewarding to see people beaming with smiles that they didn’t know they had. As she treated patients she was surprised to find out how many people suffer from jaw joint disorder called Temporo-Mandibular Joint Disorder (TMD). She was determined to learn more about TMD and how to treat it. After much success in treating people with TMD, Dr. Yoo began to wonder, “wouldn’t it be great if our children don’t suffer from TMD as much as we do now?” It was then that she dove into learning about orthodontics, orthopedics, myofunctional therapy, and sleep apnea. Dr. Yoo now feels better knowing that there’s a brighter future for our children and that I can be the one to help them.

Dr. Yoo also is the mother of two wonderful children, loves eating french fries and travelling to places where her family can walk and explore.